Parcels 20 – 27: Petersburg, Mallard Subdivision

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Petersburg is a charming and scenic community located on the northwest end of Mitkof Island, where the Wrangell Narrows meet Frederick Sound. It lies midway between Juneau and Ketchikan, about 120 miles from either community.

Petersburg is known as the Little Norway of Alaska due to it’s strong Norwegian Heritage. The community harbors one of Alaska most prosperous fishing fleets.  Mitkof Island has many hiking trails, abundant fish and wildlife, lush forests and close to glaciers.

Petersburg can be reached by commercial flights or by the Alaska Marine Highway. Alaska Airlines provides twice-daily flights from Seattle or Anchorage.  Smaller scheduled and charter flights are available from other southeast community.

Parcels 20 through 27 are located approximately 8.5 miles south of Petersburg via the Mitkof Highway. Parcels 20 through 25 are located on the east side of the Mitkof Highway and Parcels 26 and 27 are located on the west side of the Mitkof Highway.

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Parcel # TLO (MHT) # Acres Legal Survey Block/Lot Minimum Bid
2091008430.94C060S079E02TLS 2015-03Lot 1, Block 1$35,000.00
2191008441.28C060S079E02TLS 2015-03Lot 2, Block 1$30,000.00
2291008451.56C060S079E02TLS 2015-03Lot 3, Block 1$32,500.00
2391008461.72C060S079E02TLS 2015-03Lot 4, Block 1$32,500.00
2491008481.83C060S079E02TLS 2015-03Lot 5, Block 1$30,000.00
2591008491.88C060S079E02TLS 2015-03Lot 6, Block 1$25,000.00
2691008501.35C060S079E02TLS 2015-03Lot 4, Block 2$55,500.00
2791008510.94C060S079E02TLS 2015-03Lot 5, Block 2$51,000.00


Parcel 20 can be accessed from the Mitkof Highway, and there is a 50′ easement north of the parcel that may provide additional access.

Parcel 21 can be access from the Mitkof Highway.

Parcel 22 can be accessed from the Mitkof Highway, and by a platted 50 foot wide public access and utility easement which ends at the southwest corner of the parcel.

Parcels 23, 24 and 25 can be access by a platted 50 foot wide public access and utility easement adjacent to the Mitkof Highway (see draft survey plat).

Parcels 26 and 27 can be access by an existing gravel/dirt road adjacent to the western property boundaries.




Power and phone service are located to the subdivision. Electricity hook up arrangements will have to be made with the local power company for the parcels.

There is no public sewer or water to the subdivision. Septic systems have to be developed on-site and meet the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. Water in the area is typically collected on-site via a private water catchment system.


Municipal Authority

The subdivision is located in an area of Petersburg that has recently been incorporated into the Petersburg Borough and is subject to real property taxation but is in an area that remains un-zoned.



The subdivision contains spruce, hemlock and cedar with some skunk cabbage and plants typical of the area. Soil conditions are also typical of the area with some plants that are associated with wooded wetlands.

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Maps & Survey

Note: Maps included are for graphic representation only and are intended to be used as a guide. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to review recorded subdivision plats/maps, surveys, and plat notes for specific information on easements, building setbacks, or other restrictions that will affect any individual parcel. Information is made available at the Department of Natural Resources Public Information Centers or on the web at: