Parcels 1 – 3: Meyers Chuck, Meyers Chuck Subdivision

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The community of Meyers Chuck is an unincorporated city within the City and Borough of Wrangell. Meyers Chuck Subdivision is located along Clarence Strait on the northwest tip of Cleveland Peninsula. Meyers Chuck is approximately 40 miles northwest of Ketchikan and is in the maritime climate zone with warm winters and cool summers. Summer temperatures range from 49° to 65° F; winters range from 34° to 50° F. Average annual precipitation is 82 inches, including 50 inches of snow.

Meyers Chuck is a picturesque fishing community and is home to people seeking the tranquility that this remote location affords. Many residents live in the community only seasonally.

Parcels 1 and 2 are waterfront lots located on Meyers Islands.  Parcel 3 is a small unnamed island located south of Meyers Island.

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Parcel # TLO (MHT) # Acres Legal Survey Block/Lot Minimum Bid
191006840.681C071S086E05ASLS 85-93Lot 43F$29,500.00
291007270.702C071S086E05ASLS 85-93Lot 43H$29,500.00
391008330.31C071S086E05,08USS 2673Lot 45$15,000.00



A State-owned seaplane base is available. With the exception of a mail plane, there are no scheduled flights. Ketchikan-based charter and barge transport services are available. A boat dock provides 650 feet of moorage, and the site has a natural sheltered harbor. Residents use skiffs for local travel; a few boardwalks and trails connect the homes in the area.

Parcels 1 and 2 is accessible only by boat or float plane.

Parcel 3 can be accessed at high tide by boat, close to the vegetated part of the island. At low tide however, the only proximate water is fairly exposed. There is no good anchorage near the island.



There are no public utilities available to the parcels. The water supply in the area is typically handled by a private onsite cistern system with roof catchment. Sewer is typically handled by a private septic system and would be subject to Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation requirements.

Electricity is typically handled by an on-site generator.


Municipal Authority

The community of Meyers Chuck is an unincorporated city within the City and Borough of Wrangell.



Parcel 5 topography is undulating and rocky. It is steep around the vegetated portion of the island and requires scaling up rocks to the vegetated portion.

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