Parcel 60: Little Tutka Bay, S. Kachemak Alaska Subdivision

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Little Tutka Bay is approximately ten miles south of the community of Homer.

The area provides excellent recreational opportunities such as hiking, kayaking, beachcombing, fishing, and camping. There are a number of maintained trails and some public use cabins within Kachemak Bay State Park on the south side of Kachemak Bay. Typical residential improvements in the area range from small rustic cabins to large custom homes. There are some commercial lodges interspersed in the neighborhood.

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Parcel # TLO (MHT) # Acres Legal Survey Block/Lot Minimum Bid
6092006182.3S008S013W22EPF 69-3Lot 25, Block 2$85,000.00



Access to the parcel is by boat or float plane.

Parcel 60 fronts a small bight requiring higher tides for access than other areas of Little Tutka Bay. The parcel has a low, readily accessible bank along the full length of the water frontage.



No public water or sewer is available in the area. Water in the area is typically obtained by rain collection systems and septic will need to be provided on-site and meet Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation requirements.

Electricity to the parcel is provided along the eastern property line.

Further information about providing electricity to these parcels can be obtained by contacting Homer Electric Association.


Municipal Authority

The parcel is within the Kenai Peninsula Borough and are subject to property taxation.



Parcel 60 has overall terrain consisting of a gradual to moderate westerly slope down to the water frontage. There is a steeper bank/slope down from the power line along the eastern property line. A low tidal channel that floods at higher tides separates the parcel from the lot to the southwest.

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State of Alaska, Community Database Online: Homer
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Maps & Survey

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