Parcel 13: Wrangell, Wrangell Island West Subdivision

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The City and Borough of Wrangell is located on the northwest tip of Wrangell Island, 155 miles south of Juneau and 89 miles northwest of Ketchikan. It is near the mouth of the Stikine River, a historic trade route to the Canadian Interior.

The parcels are located in the Wrangell Island West Subdivision which is south of the city between Mile 12 and 14 of the Zimovia Highway.

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Parcel # TLO (MHT) # Acres Legal Survey Block/Lot Minimum Bid
1391008374.999C064S084E17ASLS 83-7Lot 5, Block 3$18,500.00



Parcel 13 can be access by Timber Avenue but Timber Avenue is not constructed all the way to the parcel. To reach the northwest corner of Parcel 13 by vehicle, approximately 300 feet of the Timber Avenue right of way would need to be developed.



An overhead power line runs along the south side of Timber Avenue. Electricity hook up arrangements will have to be made with the local power company for the parcels and costs will vary.  Water in the area is typically obtained by private onsite cistern system with a roof catchment system and septic will need to be provided on-site and meet Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation requirements.


Municipal Authority

The parcel is located within the City and Borough of Wrangell. The parcel is zoned in the Rural Residential District.


The parcel is vegetated with spruce, hemlock and cedar with a mix of bushes. Soils are a mix of good draining overburden and muskeg.

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Maps & Survey

Note: Maps included are for graphic representation only and are intended to be used as a guide. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to review recorded subdivision plats/maps, surveys, and plat notes for specific information on easements, building setbacks, or other restrictions that will affect any individual parcel. Information is made available at the Department of Natural Resources Public Information Centers or on the web at: