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The Alaska Mental Health Trust I US Forest Service Land Exchange has been pursued since 2005. A few significant accomplishments to be acknowledged are:  Endorsement of the September 4, 2012 land exchange package, resulting from a collaborative effort facilitated by the Tongass Futures Roundtable.  Signing of the Agreement to Initiate (ATI) for the exchange, on June of 2015.  Introduction of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Land Exchange Act of 2016 by Senator Murkowski.  Introduction of the land exchange legislation by Senator Murkowski, Senator Sullivan and Representative Young in January 2017. 

The general maps of the proposal are available by clicking on the link here, Parcels and Maps, or under “Support the Trust”. The official federal legislation maps have not been posted on the congressional bills site, meanwhile the maps above represent what are referenced in the federal legislation. The exchange will be an appraised value for value land exchange (not based on acreage). The federal exchange process includes environmental and cultural review, title and survey work, public notice and appraisal procedures. All these steps are outlined in Federal Statute.

The proposed exchange referenced in the federal legislation involves approximately 17,341 acres of Trust land surrounding seven Southeast Alaska communities and offers a solution regarding use of these lands that is favorable to the communities, the State of Alaska, the federal government and the Trust.  The legislation identifies 20,580 acres of federal land to be exchanged. The land values will be determined by utilizing standard land appraisal procedures. Based on those values, the final parcels exchanged will be adjusted to equalize the values.

Benefits of the exchange:

  • Preserve old growth timber and viewsheds along the Inside Passage
  • Protect recreational and tourism opportunities near local communities
  • Preserve watersheds adjacent to communities
  • Create opportunity for The Trust to generate revenue to support its mission and serve its beneficiaries


Support the Alaska Mental Health Trust Land Exchange Act of 2016

This exchange is important to the Trust and communities of Southeast Alaska. It is imperative to show continued support for the exchange as Congress takes further action on the two bills S. 131 and H.R. 513.

Please join us in expressing support for the Alaska Mental Health Trust Land Exchange Act of 2017. It would be helpful if you would write your congressional delegation and other congressional members if you have specific connections with them.

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