Lands and Maps

The Trust Land Office manages about one million acres of land. This land was conveyed to The Trust through the Settlement process. Land “parcels” were assigned numbers and each parcel was conveyed with specific ownership rights using a Quit Claim Deed. The majority of the rights are full fee. Other limited interest rights include full mineral rights or coal, oil and gas. When viewing or using any maps or tabular records depicting Trust land it is important to consider the ownership rights as well as the location.

Several options are available to view the location of Trust land and the activity taking place on that land. Links for all tools are available on the Map Tools page.

  • View historical maps. Use the DNR Library to view the maps created during the settlement.
  • Interactive mapping tool.  Use the ESRI ArcServer application to display the approximate location of Trust land, including those lands that have subsequently been disposed of to a third party, or may be encumbered with an easement, lease, license, or other authorization.
  • View tabular records of all activity on Trust land using the DNR Land Administration System (LAS).

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Map of Mental Health Trust Lands

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