Board of Trustees

In accordance with state statute, the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority board of trustees provides direction and oversight to the Trust Land Office. The seven trustees are appointed by the governor and must be confirmed by the Legislature.

Trust bylaws call for a public comment period during all regular meetings of the full board of trustees to allow individuals to inform and advise the board about issues, problems or concerns. Visit The Trust’s website for information on the board of trustees, scheduled meetings, and public comment guidelines.


Management of Trust resources is governed by statute and regulation. The TLO is required to:

  • Protect and enhance the long-term productivity of Trust land;
  • Maximize long-term revenue from Trust land;
  • Encourage a diversity of revenue-producing uses of Trust land; and
  • Manage Trust land prudently, efficiently and with accountability to The Trust and its beneficiaries.

Alaska Statutes — AS 38.05.801
Alaska Administrative Code — 11 AAC 99

Resource Management Strategy, 3rd Edition

Originally published and adopted in 2013 as an official replacement to the Long Term Asset Management Strategy (adopted on July 15, 2003 in accordance with 11 AAC 99.090(c)), the Resource Management Strategy provides guidance to the Trust Land Office for management of the Trust’s non-cash asset base.

Please click here to view the Resource Management Strategy, 3rd Edition.